Equestrian Startups Incubator

Endurance Lab is the first dedicated equestrian incubator. It’s managed by Creacció and financed by the Government of Catalonia.

Endurance Lab Incubator offers to world entrepreneurs access to the best resources in addition to a proven curriculum and technical hands-on training.

Applications are open now!

What we are looking for

The program will enable equine entrepreneurs who are are seeking financial and technical support with developing disruptive technologies in the horse industry.
We are looking for passionate founders creating a new generation of equestrian applications across categories including but not limited to:




Endurance Lab is designed especially for people with an entrepreneurial attitude and are willing to invest time in exploring new business models, in training and in the creation of a new company or product innovation.
Examples of applications or use cases we would get excited about are:
  • Breeding, feed and feeding
  • Equine Healthcare, Grooming and Hoof care
  • Competition & Show management
  • Sensor devices & biomedical solutions
  • Performance analysis solutions
  • Innovative care products
  • E-commerce for Studs, clogs, reins, rubber or upholstery
  • Marketplaces between horsemen
  • IoT devices like Girth or headphones
  • Equipment for the prevention of physical risks
  • Technical equestrian equipment and textiles clothing like saddle mats
  • Directories and vertical media
  • Education, Coaches, Trainers & Art
  • Insurance, Media, Yard, Paddock and Recruitment
  • Carriage, Transport, Horseboxes and Vehicles

What we offer


150h of Lean Startup training


60 hours of on-demand, one to one support on key aspects for your business


Fast track visa assistance


Development of marketing strategy, materials and market research through our in-house research center


6 months in Vic, next to Barcelona.


Highly-customized support to help you successfully build a go-to market strategy and test it

Additional Benefits: Endurance Industry Contacts

Opportunity to exhibit for free at FEI Endurance Forum will take place on 23-24 May 2017 in Vic, Barcelona, Spain. The FEI Endurance Forum is a great opportunity for delegates from the National Federations to meet and discuss important topics regarding the discipline and its evolution.
Network with the largest gathering of investors in Catalonia and meet with key players in the local ecosystem including government, manufacturers, technology companies and service providers.
Get connected with leading firms in the industry.
Access to the best horses to prototype your own technology.


Month 1: Opportunity Analysis

Month 2: Business Model Generation

Month 3: Business Model Discovery

Month 4: Company Creation

Month 5: Company Management

Month 6: Business Model Validation

About Us


Osona is the birthplace of endurance, Endurance Lab is hosted in Vic, the capital of Osona in Catalonia, next to Barcelona.


12  professional teams of veterinarians, blacksmiths, trainers & riders will be supporting your projects

Huge Local Market

The sector generates around € 25M per year and operates as an active regional  hub leading the international ecosystem .

Methodological Innovation

We use industry to know how to help your technology to provide high added value and international impact.

Support Teams
Local Market Size

How to apply?

Applications Open!
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